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Whether you have a manufacturing facility, a warehouse or a research and development company, our industrial property professionals provide on the ground market knowledge and expertise.  We have experience working with municipalities, economic development agencies, LEED certification, architectural trades, material handling vendors, due diligence consultants, and financial institutions.

Industrial Services

NAI Isaac fully understands the many moving parts of industrial transactions, from the sprinklers and lighting to the trailer positioning and parking. We focus on the details of your industrial transaction so you can focus on your core business. >>

Acquisition & Disposition

We bring experience from all sectors of business to our owners, and our knowledge of various points of view gives you an advantage starting with site selection and acquisition. When your project is ready for disposition, we utilize sound commercial judgment and negotiating skills to produce maximum results. >>

Project Leasing

Our leasing philosophy is to address every assignment as though we were the owner and to view those assignments from a focused, strategic angle. Our goal is not just to fill the vacant space in a property, but rather to increase the value of the asset by assessing the owner’s needs and objectives and satisfying those goals.

Tenant Representation

Depending on your real estate size requirements, we scale our services to fit your needs. We navigate the details of relocation, competitive properties, market data, rental rate negotiation, and TI options.  We are equipped to help our clients locally or handle larger issues as you expand across state or international lines. >>

Management Services

To maximize an asset's value for the property's owner, our property management professionals work in tandem with our industrial brokers. We provide a complete range of management services from transition to day-to-day operations to disposition. >>

Valuation & Advisory

Our local experts provide the skills and historical data together with recommendations based on present-day industrial market conditions to value and position your current properties or ones you may wish to purchase. We know that when a client receives the approval to evaluate or dispose of an asset or an entire portfolio, time is money. That’s why we emphasize speed, efficiency, and accuracy when delivering our recommendations. >>


Research plays an integral part in near-term decision-making and long-range planning for our industrial clients. Investment trends, local activity, and lease rates are essential in understanding the best course of action in your industrial leasing or investment plans. >>

We are a commercial real estate agency and property management company. We also offer leasing services, property investment services, tenant and landlord representation, acquisition and disposition, valuation and advisory services, special asset services, and real estate consulting. We are located in Lexington, Kentucky, but we proudly serve the surrounding area.